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People do not think well about global risk issues. Concern about global risk is not part of our evolution. Cave men had more pressing problems.

We call this the "Dharmasaroja effect." In 1998 Smith Dharmasaroja, a Thai meteorologist, predicted an Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami. He advocated tsunami warning systems, but was not taken seriously. The warning systems he advocated could have saved thousands of lives in the tsunami of December 2004.

The world does not think enough about these issues. However, individuals can contribute. Nuclear war is less likely today because of Gorbachev and Reagan, but they couldn't have ended the Cold War and reduced arsenals on their own. Gorbachev was almost overthrown by a military coup. However, they were supported by public opinion, and their ideas came from many sources. We can be one of those sources, and we can contribute to public opinion.

There is a tendency to defer to authorities, to assume that smart people will take care of these problems. Sometimes they do, too often they do not. Mensa members are the "smart people." So get busy.

Things you can do

1) Consider yourself an independent intellectual. Think about this issue, learn about it, think of good approaches, then publish and advocate them.

2) Contact us. Learn of our current projects. Help with projects that appeal to you.

3) We hope to discuss things members can do in our publication. Click on "Publications" in the sidebar to the right.

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