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[Existential Risk / Opportunity] Singularity Management

January 2022 Issue Get PDF copy
-A Philosophy that Needs Improvement

April 2021 Issue Get PDF copy
- Management Versus Strategy

January 2021 Issue Get PDF copy
- Seed Ship Existence Proof Considerations
- Regalia Delphi Results

October 2020 Issue Get PDF copy
- Regalia Delphi

July 2020 Issue Get PDF copy
- Introducing Adriano Autino
- Expand or Die by Adriano Autino
- Introduction to the Following Article
- The Hobby of Improving Our Human Future

January 2020 Issue Get PDF copy
- Making Quests Work

October 2019 Issue Get PDF copy
- Management For The Benefit of Humanity
- Permissible? Cargo Cult Thinking

July 2019 Issue Get PDF copy
- Introduction to Keith Henson's Open Letter
- Open Letter to Blue Origin/Jeff Bezos, by Keith Henson
- The Quest of Managing Existential Risk/Opportunity Singularities
by James Blodgett

April 2019 Issue Get PDF copy
- Voluntary Firefighters As A Metaphor For Our Quest

January 2019 Issue Get PDF copy
- Introduction
- Do It Yourself Saving The World, by James Blodgett

October 2018 Issue Get PDF copy
- The Intellectual Challenge of Global Risk Reduction
- Happy Halloween

July 2018 Issue Get PDF copy
- Progress in Seeking a More Thorough Safety Analysis for China's
Supercollider, by James Blodgett and Tom Kerwick
- Introducing Stuart Armstrong
- Trolley Problem Comment, by Stuart Armstrong
- Invitation to Readers to Help Review the Literature on Making
Artificial Intelligence Safe

April 2018 Issue Get PDF copy
- Religious Considerations of Existential Risk/Opportunity Management
- A Problem With Expected Value, Containing A Big Trolley Problem

January 2018 Issue Get PDF copy
- An Interview With Paul Werbos
- Review of Turchin & Denkeberger, Global Catastrophic and
Existential Risks Communication Scale
-IEEE Standards for AI--An Opportunity for Public Comment

October 2017 Issue Get PDF copy
- What I am Doing Here Today
- Management of Positive and Negative Singularities as a "Postmodern"
Book sample
- An Offer
- Index of Previous Issues of This Publication

July 2017 Issue Get PDF copy
- Introduction to Keith Lofstrom's article
- Lunar Resources by Keith Lofstrom
- Introduction to Leon Neihouse's article
- Fail Safe Institute: Concept of Operations by Leon Neihouse

April 2017 Issue Get PDF copy
- Introduction
- Dealing With Bastards
- Why This Story Is Relevant
- Other Fiction Related To Our Quest
- Friday The Thirteenth Drill

January 2017 Issue Get PDF copy
- CRISPR: A Job For Us?
- Upcoming Topics: Space Industrialization & Runaway Global Warming

October 2016 Issue Get PDF copy
- Alexei Turchin's Charts of Existential Risk/Opportunity Topics
- Interview with Alexei Turchin (containing an article by Turchin)

April 2016 IssueGet PDF copy
- The "Uploading" Branch of Singularity Thought
- Interview With Jeff Bone

January 2016 Issue Get PDF copy
- Existential Risk, Willard Wells, and Me
- Interview With Willard Wells
- Blodgett's Post On Lifeboat Foundation Discussion Section On Yahoo Groups,
Quoted (In Part) In Wells' Book
- Proposed Annual Gathering Presentation by David L. Minger

November 2015 Special Edition Get PDF copy
- Why We are Publishing A Special Edition
- A New Risk Attribution by Otto Rössler
- Reflecting on China's Ambition to Build the World's Most Powerful
Supercollider by 2020 by Tom Kerwick
- Errata

October 2015 Issue Get PDF copy
- Review of Eric Johnson, "The Black Hole Case: The Injunction Against
the End of the World," Tennessee Law Review, 2009.
Reviewed by Justine Jones
- Struggling With The Ethical Limits of Expected Value Utilitarianism
as Applied To Positive and Negative Singularities

July 2015 Issue Get PDF copy
- Global Risk Reduction Heros
- How an Individual Can Improve Humanity's Odds
- The Wright Brothers as Role Models

April 2015 Issue Get PDF copy
- Pep Talk
- Book Reviews as Things We Can Do
- Book Review: Nick Bostrom, SuperIntelligence, Paths, Dangers,
Strategies. Reviewed by James Tankersley Jr.

January 2015 Issue Go to HTML version
- An Opportunity To Industrialize Space
- What This Publication is About

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